Purpose of establishment

 In the era of rising populations, Taiwan's economic level has led to an increase in medical demand, which has led to a huge shortage of medical expenditures and medical human resources. This is also a common challenge facing all countries in the world. In recent years, many countries and regions, including Taiwan, have entered society with sub-replacement fertility and aging population. The elderly disability rate is about five times that of the entire population, meaning that the elderly population that needs long-term care will reach about 1 million, thus leading to an increasingly imbalanced allocation of medical care resources, threatening the most basic public health maintenance, and will create a heavy social burden and crisis; therefore, how to provide appropriate supplementary technology assessment and services for related disability groups, and even assist in science and technology policies, Auxiliary technology research and development, assisted technology education training and user effectiveness tracking and evaluation, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive integrated supporting technology service supporting strategy.

     The main purpose of this research center is to focus on integrating domestic and international talents, to devlop distinctive studies on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assisstive Technoloy. The theme of our research center includes assisted science and technology policy, clinical services and basic research, medical and engineering integration research, and the development of industry and academia, etc. "Prospective characteristics of the study. The ultimate goal is to set up the standard in production, government, research, research and medicine, both domestically and internationally. We will focus on translation medicine, creating industry and clinical application value, and improve the quality of life with clinical assistant technology, in elderlys and those with physical or mental disorder.


Main tasks

  1.  Promote the research and teaching of the foundation and clinical aspects of rehabilitation engineering and auxiliary technology.
  2.  Enhance the integration of focus on medical research and rehabilitation of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology.
  3.  Improve the standard process of clinical evaluation, matching and auditing of auxiliary technologies.
  4.  Auxiliary technology research and establishment in the research database of production, government, and research, and research on welfare policy.
  5.  Cultivate rehabilitation engineering and auxiliary technology professionals.
  6.  Enhance the service quality of assistive technology in the physical and mental barriers and long-term care of the elderly.
  7.  Integrate various resources to assist the country to establish a national-level auxiliary technology center.
  8.  Promote other matters related to rehabilitation engineering and auxiliary technology.
  9.  Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with top foreign research units and actively participate in international affairs.
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