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Complimentary Shuttle Service

We offer free shuttle service welcome to all patients and employees with stops conveniently located at various MRT locations. Please note the varying shuttle routes and times if you plan to use the shuttle service. 

The free suttle service includes three routes, for more information, see the Taipei Medical University Hospital website.

  • Taipei City Hall Station Exit 2 → TMUH: Every 10 minutes (After 7:30 PM, every 30 minutes)
  • Liuzhangli Station → TMUH: Every 15 minutes (After 6:00 PM, every 30 minutes)
  • Xiangshan Station → TMUH: Every 40 minutes

For more information on Taipei MRT: https://english.metro.taipei/

Taipei eBus

See the website: https://ebus.gov.taipei/

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